Welcome to our Sylius Shop

September 24, 2019 12:00

Welcome to our Sylius Shop

Dear Sylius community,

Our company, Tataragne Interactive, has been working for more than 10 years as a service provider to create ecommerce platforms for all types of customers. Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience on various technologies such as Magento, WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce. We have also worked for years on application projects with the Symfony framework, on which we have extensive expertise.

All this invited us to use Sylius for the first time one year ago as part of a Magento to Sylius replatforming project. As soon as we discovered the Sylius solution in more detail, we decided to invest ourselves fully in it, in particular as an Official Partner, by taking part in the organization of events in Toulouse, but also by joining in the Slack community to help newcomers on the technology.

Nevertheless, this first project also allowed us to identify some of the limits of the current ecosystem compared to what we had previously experienced with other technologies (mainly Magento). Yes, the list of open source plugins is growing every day and that's a very good news. But it can be difficult to work only with these plugins for reasons of stability / maintenance / upgrade.

We think that for the good of the Sylius ecosystem, it is necessary to consider a mix between free and paid plugins. It is important that developers or agencies can also rely on a professionally developed plugin base that guarantees peace of mind on the follow-up of Sylius updates, as well as the availability of technical support over time.

That's why, after several weeks of work, we are very proud to open this shop and this technical blog on which we will share contents and knowledges about Sylius and development in general.

Thank you and long live to Sylius!