Automated Association Plugin

Populate thousands of products associations in seconds with automation

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Save time by automating the contribution of product associations.

  • Let customers easily find relevant products
  • Motivate customers to buy more and increase your average cart
  • Use our smart and flexible rule system
  • Boost your internal cross-linking
Plugin version 1.x€349.00
Current version: v1.0.1
Compatible with Sylius version: ^1.3.0
How Automated Association can help your business

Increase your average cart

You can add dynamic cross-sell to your chekcout process that is automatically managed by the rules system

Encourage your customers to discover more products

It helps to reduce your customer bounce rate with up-sell proposal

Keep your products relations up-to-date

If your product catalog is big, you know that it could be hard to keep everything fine, our plugin will do it for you

Work faster and better

With rules, you can change or test a strategy quickly without having to contribute manually everything

Why should I use related selling, cross-selling and up-selling on my shop ?

When a customer arrives on a product page from a search, they may not find the desired product directly. That's why it is important to offer alternatives to the product they are looking at from the very first page they see. We talk here about related sales when we push products of the same price range or up-selling when we present similar products at higher prices. The idea is to make him discover other products for which he might have a crush.

Cross-selling allows you to push low-cost products into the basket that are complementary to the products already chosen. Here again, the idea is to accompany the customer in his act of purchase and therefore to be relevant on the proposals that will be made.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is constantly increasing and competition is growing, so it is very important to maximize the profits made on a customer. Using additional sales and cross-selling is a very good way to increase your return on investment (ROI) on each order but also to increase your customer lifetime value (CLV).

Features Highligths

Flexible rules system

The rules system work like the promotional rules system included in Sylius and can be extended in the same way

Rules are used to target products that will be automatically populated

Rules are also used to choose which products will be associated

Each rules is a tagged service that comes with its own form and filter. So you can add your own rules easily


Work for any size of catalog


The automatic associations can be calculated in 2 ways
  • Dynamic processor for small / medium catalog size and cart up-selling
  • Precomputed processor for big catalog size


Automated Association Plugin detailed feature list
Administration interface

Add a new kind of association type called "Automated"

Create as many automated associations as you want

You can apply a rule directly from the list

You can batch apply all automated associations

Target rules available (which product will be automatically populated)

  • All products
  • Product from one taxon
  • Product property
  • Soon More target rules

Associated products rules available (Which product will be associated with the target)

  • Filter by taxon
  • Filter by product properties
  • Filter by targeted product main taxon
  • Filter by targeted product property
  • Limit the product to associate
  • Soon More associated product rules
Shop interface

On product page, you don't have to do any change if you already use the product association

On cart page, you have to replace the latest product widget by a call to the plugin twig function

Command Interface

This plugin comes with 2 tasks that could be used by crontab

Sylius philosophy

Respect of naming convention

Easy Coding Standard linting

Fixture example and tools provided

Easily extensible

Behat test suite available

PHP Spec test suite available

PHPStan run

CI run other lints like composer, symfony security check, twig, etc.

Why choose Automated Association Plugin for your project ?

this plugin is provided with installation documentation and code sample


We work in the same philosophy as Sylius, so every piece of code is extendable


Updates are planned for each new version of Sylius

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