Blog Plugin

Enhance your Sylius shop with a blog, a must have in terms of content marketing

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Keeping a blog up to date is the best way to gain significant targeted traffic to your shop. It is an essential element in any digital marketing strategy.

  • Easily write your articles with a WYSIWYG (CKEditor)
  • Manage categories, tags and authors
  • Works with multiple channels and locales
  • DISQUS integration for comments section
  • SEO ready
Plugin version 1.x€299.00
Current version: v1.0.1
Compatible with Sylius version: ^1.3

How our Blog Plugin can help your business

Increase your brand awareness

Your blog brings that personal human touch to your shop website as it allows you to connect with your audience.

Convert visitor into customer

Take advantage of a unique opportunity to talk about your products in more detail

Give a boost to your SEO

Write yours articles with targeted keywords in mind and link your catalog page

Going social

A very well written blog article is likely to be more shared than a product page

Why you should have a blog on your e-shop ?

Writing well written and interesting content allows you to have more readers and more sharing. This ultimately results in an improvement of your natural referencing. Links to your site, whether they come from social networks, other blogs, forums, are all positive signals sent to Google.

Keeping an ecommerce blog helps to boost the number of shares on social networks and links. If you only have static pages on your ecommerce site (for example your "Who are we?" page), how do you want to share pages from your site on social networks? You cannot share the same pages indefinitely. Hence the importance of dynamic pages.

Publishing blog articles on your website allows you to show your visitors and potential customers that you are an expert in your field. To show it and prove it. In ecommerce, one of the major challenges is reinsurance. Customers are suspicious of ecommerce sites as long as they are not well-known brands. Keeping a blog helps to reassure your audience, to give them confidence, to demonstrate that you are a serious and reliable merchant.

Focus on the Blog Plugin Best Features

Administration panel

This plugin automatically adds a new panel in your adminstration interface that helps you to manage each aspects of your blog

Administration management of your blog

Article publication settings

From there, you can manage author and the category associated to the article. You will also be able to enable and publish the blog article per channel or globally. Finally, you will have the possibility to schedule the publication of the article at a later date

Manage metadata and publishing status of your article

Duplicate your article to go faster

We add the possibility to duplicate any article of your blog, so you can use this feature to speed up the writing of a new one.

Ability to duplicate articles

Blog Plugin detailed feature list

Administration interface

Manage your blog articles, authors, categories and tags as Sylius ressources

CKEditor is integrated with a default configuration that you can easily override

Blog articles can published or unpublished globally or per Sylius channel

Scheduled publication

Featured image by locale

Blog post duplication

Blog post preview SOON

Shop interface

Come with complete Sylius grid setup for Articles, Categories and Tags

Configurable social network share buttons

Disqus integration

Sylius theme ready

Backend renderer for Disqus SEO

Built-in sitemap system, compatible with Sylius Sitemap Plugin if found SEO

Sylius philosophy

Respect of all conventions

Easy Coding Standard linting

All you need to create your blog fixtures

Extensible code

Behat suite included

PHP Spec suite included

PHPStan level max

Tested with other quality tools like composer validate, symfony security check, twig linting, etc.

Why choose Blog Plugin for your project ?

This plugin is provided with installation documentation and code samples


We work in the same philosophy as Sylius, so every piece of code is extendable


Updates are planned for each new version of Sylius

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